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Call for papers | ATEE Annual Conference 2023 (28-30 August, 2023) | Budapest

The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) takes part in a broad network of national and international institutions, associations and governmental bodies. Through our memberships, we cover most of Europe; countries like the United States, Australia and Israel; and African countries. The ATEE also provides advice to the European Commission and international organisations.

Conference theme | Teacher Education on the Move

We are living through an era characterized by fake news, a global pandemic, invasion, and climate crisis. In the world of teacher education, these, and other, factors have created waves of rapid and radical shifts – including social, economic, political and technological contexts of the filed – thus bringing new challenges for teacher education systems, institutions and participants.

Simultaneously, many of the problems of the past have been persistent, intensified or reshaped. Combined, these internal, external, new and old changes and challenges keep teacher education in a state of constant flux.

Now, there is a need for us to gather, reflect, and problem-solve together. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers, teacher educators, teachers, policymakers and students in the field of teacher education to confront these ever-evolving changes, and to provide a platform for presenting and discussing the results of research and developments related to these changes. It also aims to provide participants with opportunities for professional development and networking.

The conference will focus on research and development in teacher education related to three intersecting and complex levels of change:

(1) changes within teacher education itself – i.e. at national, organizational, programme, teacher and student levels;

(2) changes in teacher education as a product of broader transformations in public and higher education (e.g. teacher shortages, teacher selection, recruitment, preparation, evaluation, knowledge as well as education policy reform);

(3) changes in teacher education coming from shifts in the wider social environment (e.g. educational legislation, the Covid-19 pandemic, the rise of fake news, political crises, the climate crisis, as well as the development of new technologies and sustainability measures).

Abstracts are invited for the following themes/sub-themes

  • Teacher education curricula
  • Actors in teacher education
  • Teachers’ and teacher educators’ learning and professional development
  • Public education and teacher education
  • Higher education and teacher education
  • Educational responses to societal challenges from the perspective of teacher education
  • Inclusion, equity and diversity in teacher education
  • Technical and vocational education
  • Teacher education legal issues
  • Teacher education theories and methods
  • Teacher education and new technologies
  • Environmental, health and sustainability education
  • Subject- specific didactic concerns in teacher education (e.g., regarding science, mathematics, foreign languages, entrepreneurship, digital technologies)

The conference provides two different ways for participants to present their work

Oral presentations: Traditional oral presentations with power points slides to the conference participants.

Posters presentations: The space for posters is limited by the venue and it is necessary to submit an abstract for review to be assigned a poster space.

The conference, organised by Eötvös Loránd University.

Deadline for abstract submission: 28 February 2023

Other important deadlines

  • Call for abstracts: 2nd January 2023
  • Abstract evaluation deadline: 15th April
  • Early bird: 15th May
  • Event: 28-30th August 2023

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